Friday, March 2, 2012

January's ASG Exhibit Best in Show: Carolina Seth (BigHelmetHead)

Artist, Carolina Seth, with her painting "Big Sumo"
1) What five adjectives best describe your artwork?

     Whimsical, surreal, flowing, playful, magical.

2) Who is your greatest contemporary art hero?

     I have many artists whom I admire, but I take my hat off to Yayoi Kusama. She was such a visionary and ahead of her time, and still such a creative force at 83. I had the fortune to attend one of her exhibits years ago and see her fantastic installation art.

3) What is your creative process (perhaps you might elaborate on some of your creative endeavors from illustrating books to creating wearable pendants)?

     I find inspiration from many different sources. It could strike anytime and anywhere. I quickly sketch and write down any ideas so to not forget.
When I don't have my notebook handy, I'll make notes on any blank paper that is handy and keep it for later.
     I usually have a good idea of what I want to create before starting a new project. I'm rarely in front of a blank paper drawing randomly trying to come up with something. Once my ideas materialize on paper, I add more details, then move on to the actual materials; oil, acrylics or ink (for fine art), glass (jewelry), clay or wood (3D art), etc. During the process, I modify and make changes in color choices, lines and even materials , but the end result is never too far from the original idea.
     With my children's books, the process is not much different. As I read the narrative, I sketch the imagined ideas with pencil and annotate descriptions, to later create with actual materials for the final product.

from left clockwise; "Robo Love," "Mod Nocturne," and "Pierced"
4) If you were able to time travel where would you go and why?
     Late 1800's Europe, at the time of industrialization. An era of great technological and scientific advances, but still full of romanticism and ingenuity. I would have liked to be a crazy inventor that creates fantastic apparatus, with monkeys wearing goggles and lab attire as my assistants.
     Also the late 50's to early 60's in America, I'm a big fan of the design of that era, plus it would be fun and so care-free to be a teeny bopper.

5) What does the theme from January's ASG Exhibit "love" mean to your work, specifically the piece “Soul” from your latest series of wall art?

     Before "Soul", I have painted "Okasan", an illustration of a mother and baby in an minimalist style, which I favor. I knew I wanted to make something within the same lines. With Valentine's Day approaching, the simple yet poetic Aristotle quote about how love is a single soul inhabited in two bodies inspired me, and I immediately knew what I wanted to create.

"Soul" by Carolina Seth, Best in Show for January's ASG Exhibit
6) When did you know you were an artist and why?
     I was always painting and doing something creative as a kid. At age 5 I won a national children's painting contest in my native Spain. On that day, I announced that I wanted to be an artist, forever killing my parent's hope of their child making a decent living.

7) What advice would you give to an emerging artist?
     Research: look at what's in demand in today's market, find your niche within it. Be willing to adapt your style to what could work in the real world, without losing your own artistic self.
     Feed your mind: be aware of trends, and what's in fashion now. Not only in your area of expertise, but in other disciplines, inspiration can come from the most unusual places.
     Be open: be willing to think out of the box and if something doesn't work, try a different approach, modify a bit or completely, and start anew. Don't be afraid of experiment with new techniques or painting your not so usual subjects. You'll be surprised where it takes you and what you can do.
     Have fun: don't take yourself too seriously, but be serious about what you do.

8) Where can we find your artwork (links to galleries, shops, book illustrations, etc.)?
     I'm currently showing at the “Gnomeland: the Evolution of Gnomus Sapiens” group exhibition at
Elroy Artspace Modern Gallery of Art, in downtown Portland, Oregon, in the US.

My art and handmade objects can be found at my Big Helmet Head shops:


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