Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Contest Winner: Sarah Benning (Sacari)

Sarah Benning (Sacari)
 1) Can you explain your artwork in five words?
Pretty watercolour and digital illustrations

2) What is your most treasured holiday memory?
When I was a kid, we lived in a pretty forested area, so every year we would bundle up, head into the forest and chop down our own Christmas tree :) I remember that my brother and I always wanted the REALLY big ones, which my dad would usually have to talk us out of.

3) How did you become an artist?
Birds on a Wire by Sacari
I just loved drawing as a kid, and in the beginning of high school decided what that's what I wanted to do with my life, so I took every art course I could, spent a long time working on my portfolio and managed to get into a pretty reputable Illustration program. Originally, I actually wanted to be an animator (because of the Disney movies I loved as a kid!), but I figured out that illustration is my real passion.

4) Can you give any tips to other artists?
Draw everyday, especially from life! You can take as many courses as you want, have great teachers, but if you don't put the time in to draw everyday you're just not going to progress as fast.

On A Rainy Day by Sacari

5) Who or what inspires you?
My fellow classmates and friends are a huge inspiration for me. Being around so much talent everyday and seeing what everyone else is doing, it's pretty hard not to get inspired!

6) What three objects can you just not live without?
My macbook, my teddy bear (who I've had since I was born) and... my inhaler? lol

7) Where can we find your artwork?
My website:
Etsy shop:


  1. I love those birds on the wire! Good work!

    1. Thanks Za faran, isn't Sarah's work fantastic!


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