Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Creature Collaboration - (Suzy Brown part IV)

forth rectangle of creature collaboration by Suzy Brown

Six artists from around the world are shipping a painting from one person to the next, adding their own interpretation to the Creature Collaboration.
Suzy Brown: I was very excited to be able to take part in this collaborative work, and be part of something involving other artists, whom I already really admired! One of the downsides of being an artist/craftsperson is that it is often a very solitary activity, so it's wonderful to get the chance to share a project like this. I am waiting for the final outcome with bated breath. I am sure its going to be amazing.

Tiki Shaker of Awesomeness by Suzy Brown
My own work is, like me, very eclectic, in my 'day job' I paint with acrylics at large scale - as a mural artist. But I also love to spend time on pencil work creating smaller works using shading and small details, these turn into my cards, prints, and illustrated notebooks seen in my Etsy shop! I also love my Copic sketch Markers so I sometimes add ink illustrations to my shop range. Line drawings are also a love of mine, the simplicity and clean lines and shapes really appeal to me. 

I also make marionettes and dolls. I like to work in 3d, and doll making is a chance to combine lots of different media and techniques, including sewing and fabric design. I am not always working on an art doll or puppet, but I always have the next one in my head and keep the 'starting' of it as a special treat for myself when I finally create the time to begin :)

This creature collaboration used my skills with acrylics, but on a small scale for me - a challenge! I also wanted to tie in with what was done before me, but I still managed to use some of my usual spirals in the design and a blending technique that I use a lot in most of my work. 

I have a blog, I would love to see you there if you want to pop by and leave a comment! I can also be found on Facebook, from which I always try to return likes and make interesting posts. I have an Etsy shop too - please stop by and have a browse, and remember, shop critiques are as welcomed as sales! ;)

The complete Creature will be unveiled at the end!
To view the previous Creature Collaboration installment, click here.

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  1. Such a great addition Suzy! the 'lil lady bugs are a great touch ...and your Tiki is just too cool! Wonderfully awesome!


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