Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to Have Square Thumbnails Show the True Dimensions of Your Art - by Eleanor Gilpatrick

Here is advice on how to deal with the problem of thumbnails that do not show off the actual images well because the thumbnail is a square crop.

An artist does not always paint or draw square pictures, but would like the thumbnail on the Etsy Shop page (or another online format) to show the whole painting or drawing.

Be sure your image of 2-D art is cropped to the exact image of the piece; no frame, background, or hand holding the image.

Step 1: is an example of a non-square painting.

Returning From Murano by Eleanor Gilpatrick

If the image is not square, go to Photoshop Elements or a similar program and open the image. Click on RESIZE IMAGE, and then click CANVAS SIZE. That opens a page where the width and height are given. Make them both the same size, always using the higher number (or else the image is cut). This works for original images that are horizontal. The result (see step 2) will be a thumbnail with the entire image, and white where the program filled in to make the image square.

Step 2: shows the thumbnail of the entire picture with white filling in the square. The square outline is just to show where the image ends and the blog begins. Click here to view the thumbnails within the Etsy shop.

Returning From Murano by Eleanor Gilpatrick

January Jog, Woosh by Eleanor Gilpatrick

For images that are vertical, you have to make the squared canvas size wider than it is high once you have squared it.  See for example, January Jog, Woosh.

Hopefully this gives you a simple solution to creating non-cropped square thumbnails of your artwork.

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