Thursday, June 9, 2011

Creature Collaboration - Yvonne Stewart (part II)

second rectangle of creature collaboration by Yvonne Stewart

Keep your EYES PEELED for a chance to WIN the finished painting!

Six artists from around the world are shipping a painting from one person to the next, adding their own interpretation to the Creature Collaboration.  

Yvonne Stewart :
 "I developed a love of drawing, painting and mark making at school and then went on to do my degree in textile design. After graduating I worked in visual merchandising for about eight years - although I dabbled in crafty pursuits alongside my main job it wasn't until I found myself at home with my son that I really spent time developing my own style and getting back into what I love. All my artwork is hand drawn and painted, I'm not a big computer fan. I love gouache and like to combine it with ink and pencil. I'm inspired by everyday things - feelings, conversations."

The complete Creature will be unveiled at the end!

To view the previous Creature Collaboration installment, click here.


  1. Awesome, Yvonne!!! So exciting! Can't wait till my turn, though I'm getting a bit nervous :)


  2. Isn't Yvonne's addition fantastic!!!! Allie, yours is going to be stunning too, I know! I can't wait to see the final creature unveiled at the end ;o). What an eclectic global group we are ;o).



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