Thursday, June 30, 2011

MAY's Line and Lyric WINNER IS... Davs!

Another amazing Line and Lyric contest winner... Davs!  With May's Line and Lyric theme of the poem Hellgirl by Anastasia Brown as inspiration, Davs created an extraordinary painting of a woman roaming through patterns entitled "Roam."

A special thanks to all of the wonderful participants and voters
in the Art School Grad art contest! We hope to see all of your talent represented in the coming Line and Lyric contests.

1.) Who are you and what do you do?
I am a self-taught artist, mother of two beautiful boys, audio-book aficionado, inventor of the alligator clothespin magnet and an over enthusiastic cook.

2.) From your colorful palette knife paintings to your lovely mixed media works, is there a particular medium in which you prefer or feel more comfortable working with?
I've only been painting with a palette knife for a few months now but lately I feel the most comfortable working with one.

Roam by Davs
3.) What inspires you?
I recently came across this quote by Scott Adams that goes: "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." That inspires me because it's a reminder that I don't have to be perfect and my art is a good example of that.

4.)  If you could have one super power, what would it be?
Is time traveling a super power? Cause if it is I would totally be a time traveler!

5.)  What is your favorite part of the creative process?
When I'm right in the middle of my painting, when I'm in the zone I guess you could say.
6.) Three things you can't live without.
You say things so I assume that means my children are already included;) 1.) art supplies  2.) books  3.) music

7.) What artists, past and/or present, do you admire?
My Dad is an artist and of course I look up to him ( I've always been a fan of VanGogh.

8.) What piece of business advice would you share with artists just starting out on Etsy?

Always view your shop as a work in progress there is always room for improvement. And don't be afraid to toot your own horn, get excited about your product and others will get excited about it too!

9.) Did you always see yourself as an artist?

10.) Where can we find you

If you or any of your readers use code: TENOFF in my shop you will receive 10% off :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to Have Square Thumbnails Show the True Dimensions of Your Art - by Eleanor Gilpatrick

Here is advice on how to deal with the problem of thumbnails that do not show off the actual images well because the thumbnail is a square crop.

An artist does not always paint or draw square pictures, but would like the thumbnail on the Etsy Shop page (or another online format) to show the whole painting or drawing.

Be sure your image of 2-D art is cropped to the exact image of the piece; no frame, background, or hand holding the image.

Step 1: is an example of a non-square painting.

Returning From Murano by Eleanor Gilpatrick

If the image is not square, go to Photoshop Elements or a similar program and open the image. Click on RESIZE IMAGE, and then click CANVAS SIZE. That opens a page where the width and height are given. Make them both the same size, always using the higher number (or else the image is cut). This works for original images that are horizontal. The result (see step 2) will be a thumbnail with the entire image, and white where the program filled in to make the image square.

Step 2: shows the thumbnail of the entire picture with white filling in the square. The square outline is just to show where the image ends and the blog begins. Click here to view the thumbnails within the Etsy shop.

Returning From Murano by Eleanor Gilpatrick

January Jog, Woosh by Eleanor Gilpatrick

For images that are vertical, you have to make the squared canvas size wider than it is high once you have squared it.  See for example, January Jog, Woosh.

Hopefully this gives you a simple solution to creating non-cropped square thumbnails of your artwork.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mr. Artiste's (ridiculous) Art Q&A

3 year old by Brienna Pruce
Dear Mr. Artiste, 

What is the point of art if everyone undervalues the technically skilled work and overvalues what a three-year-old could accomplish?



Dear Unknown, 

Perhaps the three-year-old copycat has excellent connections. The point of art has never been pinned down rationally, but irrationally, it is there to make us ponder why... 

...why do they get thousands of dollars for finger painting and I don't?

Yours truly,
Mr. Artiste

Dear Mr. Artiste,

In drawing class today, our model had unfortunately not removed all of the toilet paper from his nether-regions and was in a rather revealing posture. He was obviously unaware of his predicament and the ladies in the room were too shy to mention it so we all continued drawing as if nothing had happened. Should an artist alert their model of such unfortunate circumstances or did we do the polite thing and pretend it never happened?


Dear Anonymous,

Hmmm, good question, however considering the model's current state of undress, it would seem that they have pretty resilient feelings about their body, and therefore mentioning the issue aside might dissuade any potential snickering later from the ladies. I think we have to ask how we would prefer to be treated in such circumstances...

...on second thought, perhaps it's best not to know.

Mr. Artiste


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Creature Collaboration - Yvonne Stewart (part II)

second rectangle of creature collaboration by Yvonne Stewart

Keep your EYES PEELED for a chance to WIN the finished painting!

Six artists from around the world are shipping a painting from one person to the next, adding their own interpretation to the Creature Collaboration.  

Yvonne Stewart :
 "I developed a love of drawing, painting and mark making at school and then went on to do my degree in textile design. After graduating I worked in visual merchandising for about eight years - although I dabbled in crafty pursuits alongside my main job it wasn't until I found myself at home with my son that I really spent time developing my own style and getting back into what I love. All my artwork is hand drawn and painted, I'm not a big computer fan. I love gouache and like to combine it with ink and pencil. I'm inspired by everyday things - feelings, conversations."

The complete Creature will be unveiled at the end!

To view the previous Creature Collaboration installment, click here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Artist Andrea's Little Mermaid Eco Tote Giveaway

Little Mermeaid Eco Tote Bag
Make a splash beach-side this summer carrying this lovely eco tote created by the lovely Artist Andrea.

Join us on a little ASG scavenger hunt for your chance to win. Using the clues, find the answers for eligibility to enter your name in the Artist Andrea's Little Mermaid Eco Tote Giveaway.  TO ENTER, scroll down and click CONTINUE.

All answers can be found on one or more of the following links:

Art School Grad blog page

Andrea Peterson is an artist, an avid swimmer, and a beach-lover who has put the desires of a dolphin training career aside to concentrate on her outstanding artistic abilities. Her beautiful paintings breathe life through hypnotic narrative in a world of dreamy surrealism, which is echoed lovingly in her most recent ventures in the world of fashion illustration.
To learn more about Andrea, please visit her on Facebook and her Blog

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