Thursday, May 19, 2011

Your own personal art critique

This is an opportunity for us to provide the much-sought-after classroom critique, with honest, constructive criticism from your colleagues. No more "interestings" or "nice" from friends and family, we need REAL feedback to improve.

Only post if you are willing to accept critique comments and only critique if you are trying to help the artist grow. Be considerate, but helpful!  Sometimes we have different opinions, but the best quality of a successful artist is our ability to appreciate advice so we can improve, whether or not we agree with it or use it.   

Work will be refreshed/removed weekly so check back often.  
THANK YOU for last week's posts, we are now beginning a new critique!

  • post below up to 3 in-progress fine art pieces for critique per week
  • you may link to your blog, website, or shop
  • type a question in comments that you wish to have answered
  • critique using thumbnail number to at least 1 other person

1 comment:

  1. AndiaCreations, sophisticated palette of red, white, and black! Trios work nicely as well. I wonder what a heart completely covered in roses might look like... all white with one red or one black for intense contrast? Perhaps a sphere of roses? I like playing with this idea.


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