Friday, April 15, 2011

Art School Grad

Art School Grad Team
We welcome current art school students, graduates, self-taught professional artists, and even avid art collectors who take an interest in emerging artists. 

BFAs and MFAs in all art fields are especially encouraged, but not required.
I remember being told in school that only 2% of recent art grads actually making a living as artists! As a former college art instructor and a current freelance artist, I thought why not reach out to other emerging artists.  We cannot give up.

collaboration with floatingwoo
I created this team because there are so many art school students, graduates, and self-taught artists who are struggling to find their niche in the art world; I would love for those who already have succeeded in making a career in the arts to serve as positive role models for those who are just emerging. I also know that it's difficult to get noticed even if you're extremely talented, so I hope this group provides you with more exposure and tips on how to promote yourself. We can all benefit from furthering our education and what better way to learn than from each other!
I want this to be a place where everyone is comfortable, so please LET ME KNOW what you hope to gain from this team and what you're struggling with so we can help you!
Let this be our own "Art School" - the REAL world experience. We are your classroom critique, we are your peers and mentors, we are here to help you succeed!



  1. This is a great idea for a blog! You'll get lots of hits very quickly, I'm sure.


    Tory N.

  2. Wonderful Brienna. Thank you for providing this platform for all artists. love to you,

  3. This is a great idea! I'm really looking forward to more of this!


  4. Fabulous! So wonderful to give back.

  5. Tory, I'm delighted you like it, thank you so much!!!

    Fena, thank you, I'm excited about seeing more of your work!!!

    Julia, wonderful to have you!

    Kristin, fantastic, me too!!!

    Niftic Vintage ;o), so thrilled you are here!

    We are off to a beautiful start!!!! Expect more awesomeness!

    ;o) brienna

  6. What a lovely idea!
    I'm In... I'm following!
    Thank-You for going ahead with this.

  7. Sarah, we're so thrilled to have you!!! Can't wait to see your work ;o)



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